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Nausea and Vomiting: Why Do We Do It?

Nausea and Vomiting have been major topics in the health community. Here is some more information regarding what causes nausea and vomiting in Los Angeles. Gastroenteritis Gastroenteritis in simpler terms is the stomach flu. An individual may gets gastroenteritis by eating unproperly cooked food. Others may get it simply [...]

Nausea and Vomiting: Why Do We Do It?2019-07-15T21:08:26+00:00

Why Doctors Misinterpret Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart attacks are often associated with chest pain, but for women, that's not always the case. Heart attack symptoms in women often manifest in different ways, causing doctors to misinterpret these ailments. Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health conducted a study where they interviewed 3,000 people who had had a heart attack under the age [...]

Why Doctors Misinterpret Heart Attack Symptoms in Women2019-04-15T08:47:53+00:00

8 Simple Flu Facts That Might Just Keep You Healthy This Season

Fall has finally come, and with it, pumpkin-spiced lattes, colder weather and of course a cough and sniffle to remind you that the flu seasons is right around the corner. This being said, this Los Angeles Urgent Care center spent all summer getting ready to help you get through this flu season with un-clogged sinuses and [...]

8 Simple Flu Facts That Might Just Keep You Healthy This Season2019-04-15T08:47:55+00:00

Battle Hangovers With IV Hydration

Hydration is a concept that goes quite a bit deeper than simply drinking water so that you aren’t thirsty. Proper hydration is essential to everyone, but even more so to those leading active lifestyles or battling a dreaded hangover. Battling dehydration and those awful hangovers with IV Vitamin Drip Therapy Los Angeles is the wisest [...]

Battle Hangovers With IV Hydration2017-09-06T21:37:25+00:00

Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Nearly 20 million adults contract a sexually transmitted disease in the United States, every year. Your first defense against STDs is sexual health education. The next is to practice safe sex and to get free STD testing Los Angeles. Here is a list the most common STDs today. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) There are more [...]

Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases2019-04-15T08:47:57+00:00

5 California Healthcare Laws You Need To Know

The past elections season brought forth the signing of several healthcare laws that you should know about. Urgent Care Los Angeles The Banning Surprise Medical Bills Hospitals are now banned from issuing massive bills to patients if they visit a hospital that is covered by their insurance plan but are treated by a doctor that isn’t. [...]

5 California Healthcare Laws You Need To Know2019-04-15T08:47:59+00:00

Tips On How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Most of us use the holidays as an excuse to splurge. While there is nothing wrong with occasionally splurging, moderation is key to maintaining a healthy routine. Sticking as closely to that routine as possible will keep you from snowballing out of control. Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care Minimize stress The holidays are a busy time. [...]

Tips On How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays2019-04-15T08:47:59+00:00

Scientists Make Breakthrough In Stem Cell Therapy Research

Creating new neurons to help the injured brain repair itself has long since been a dream of scientists and doctors everywhere; now it may be a reality. A team of scientists has announced that it may have taken a major step towards realizing that dream with their breakthrough therapeutic technique. According to a Nature Medicine [...]

Scientists Make Breakthrough In Stem Cell Therapy Research2019-04-15T08:48:02+00:00

8 Surprising Facts About Your Body

There are numerous amazing things to learn about the body. With your body having the ability to not only treat itself but carry out biological phenomenons, there are many interesting facts to uncover about the human body. 1. Your heart pumps over 120 quarts of water in one hour. That is quite a lot of blood! [...]

8 Surprising Facts About Your Body2019-04-15T08:48:04+00:00
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