How to Detect a Thyroid Condition

It is said that over 20 million Americans have something wrong with their thyroids.  Not many know about their condition and it is important to be educated on thyroid problems in Los Angeles

Here are the ways in which to detect a thyroid condition and what do do next with thyroid problems in Los Angeles.

What the Thyroid Does

The thyroid is at the base of the neck and is a gland.  It is below the adam’s apple and is the way that some hormones are produced.  These hormones are very important to the cells, tissues, and organs inside the body.  These hormones are important in what the body does with foods and how it controls the heart.  

Goiters and Nodules

Goiters are openings that occur in the thyroids that can result because of a number of things including no iodine or thyroid cancer.  Nodules are solid lumps that occur within the thyroid gland.  Luckily, cancer is not a risk with most nodules.  These are some of the thyroid problems in Los Angeles.

Types of Thyroid Cancer

Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common type of thyroid cancer.  Follicular thyroid cancer does not spread quickly and will probably not spread.  Medullary Thyroid Condition in los angelesand anaplastic thyroid cancer are both not likely to happen, but if they do, it can get worse.  Women and older adults are the most susceptible to the disease.

Some symptoms could be a lump near the throat, voice variations, having a hard time swallowing, and general pain in the neck area.  

Overactive Thyroids

When a thyroid has too much thyroxine it can become overactive.  The body will metabolize quicker and you will notice a loss in weight and perhaps inconsistencies in heart rate.  There can be other complications including eye issues and skin issues.  If you have graves disease, there is an increased chance of having overreactive thyroids.  

Some symptoms of overactive thyroids include a difference in the menstrual cycle, irritation in the eyes, muscles getting weaker, changes in heartbeat, changes in sleep, and many more. 

Thyroid problems in Los Angeles are very common and these are the symptoms for overactive thyroids that you need to look out for.

Underactive Thyroids

Sometimes there are not enough hormones in the gland, making it an underactive thyroid.  This can result in extreme including heart issues and infertility.  Women who have been pregnant recently are at risk of this.  Older people are also at a higher risk. 

Some symptoms of underactive thyroids include depression, feeling tired, strained voice, memory loss, heart inconsistencies, and many more.

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