There are numerous amazing things to learn about the body.

With your body having the ability to not only treat itself but carry out biological phenomenons, there are many interesting facts to uncover about the human body.Headache Treatment Los Angeles

1. Your heart pumps over 120 quarts of water in one hour.

That is quite a lot of blood! In addition, your heart beats over 40 million times per year at its resting rate.

2. Your brain stops growing by the time you are 18. 

After that age, your brain starts to lose over 1,000 brain cells each day. Asides from that, your brain never stops working, even when your body does. It consumes 20% of your energy output.

3. Human bone is stronger than you think.

When it comes to support, your bones are as strong as granite. A small piece of bone is able to support 18,000 pounds.

4. In order for your stomach to not digest itself, it must develop a new lining every three days. 

The lining on your stomach prevents the hydrochloric acid from breaking down your stomach itself, and therefore it must be continuously replenished.

5. Fat tissue burns three times less calories than muscle tissue. 

Although the weight on the scale may not be any different, it should be important for people to develop more muscle. Not only does will it be easier to burn calories, but you will also look more fit.

6. In 30 minutesHeadache Treatment Los Angeles 3, your body can produce enough heat to boil half a gallon of water. 

From basic daily activities, such as sweating, walking, or maintaining body temperature, your body produces enormous amounts of heat.

7. The skin on your body is an organ. 

Your skin is continuously growing and shedding. It is considered to be an outer covering organ and contributes to 12% of your weight.

8. Seven miles of new blood vessels are added with every pound gained.

Your blood vessels, or vascular system, will expand in order to support the new tissue in your body. If you happen to lose one pound of fat, your body will absorb the surplus vessels.