Headache Treatment Los Angeles

One of the most annoying and painful things that we experience in life are…headaches. Yes, headaches. If you want to stop your headache in its tracks you first need to know what type of headache you have.

Dealing with mildly painful headaches that go on and off?

These are tension-type headaches.


  • Tightness around the head
  • Time span: 30 minutes to a week
  • Can occur rarely or frequently
  • Can be induced by skipping meals, stress, or lack of sleep


  • Taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medications
  • Meditation, relaxing, heat therapy, massages or biofeedback

Dealing with a more severe and throbbing headache?

You may have migraines. Migraines can be slightly severe to extremely severe.


  • Prohibit you from doing daily activities
  • Last anywhere from 4-72 hours
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • You may experience pain on one side of the head or both sides


  • Relaxation in dark area
  • Hot or cold massages on neck and head
  • Over the counter medications such as ibuprofen, or acetaminophen
  • Using medications prescribed by your doctor
  • Preventive medications such as propranolol, divalproex sodium, etc

Do you haveheadache headaches that are occurring nearly every day?

If so, you might have chronic headaches. Chronic headaches occur more than 15 times a month. They can be either tension-type headaches or migraines.


  • These types of headaches are categorized by the duration and frequency
  • If you have headaches lasting 30 minutes then you have chronic tension-type headaches
  • If you have headaches lasting anywhere from 4 to 72 hours then you have chronic migraines


  • If you suffer from chronic headaches it is best to see a doctor. There is usually an underlying health problem.

Do you have headaches in groups or pairs?

You might have cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are characterized by occurring in groups. Men and smokers usually experience them more often.


  • Headaches that last from 15 minutes to 3 hours
  • Accompanied with a stuffy or runny nose
  • May ignite feelings of unrest


  • Using medication prescribed by a doctor
  • Breathing therapy

If your headaches worsen with time or become too painful to handle, please contact Vermont Urgent Care at (213) 386-2511.