For anybody actively engaging in physical activity, it is common to sustain injuries to the body. Whether they are mild injuries or not, it is important to know how to prevent and treat those injuries.

Here are the 6 most common types of injuries athletes encounter and how they can be treated.

1. Knee injury – The healing process for a knee injury can be quickened by continuously engaging in light exercise during the healing process.

2. Tennis elbow – Stay away from playing tennis or golf or any other repetitions movement that incorporates the elbow until the condition improves and the pain diminishes.

3. Shin splints – This injury can be healed with over-the-counter pain medication, the application of ice, and sufficient rest.

4. Groin pull – Using compression and ice on your groin injury will allow it to heal. It is also important to get a sufficient amount of rest to ensure that a groin injury does not turn into a long term problem.

5. Hamstring strain – Hamstring injuries can take a long time to heal due to the pressure applied to the injury when walking. An individual can decrease the healing time by walking as little as possible.

6. Ankle sprain – Exercise your ankle in order to prevent a loss of strength and flexibility.

Strains and sprains tend to be the most common types of sport injuries. This results from overusing a muscle, which tends to occur a lot while practicing a specific sport.downtown los angeles urgent care

One of the most effective ways of preventing a sport injury is by warming up prior to playing.

Warming up increases blood flow to your muscles and increases your flexibility. These factors can reduce the likelihood of getting injured while engaging in physical activity.

Another way to prevent sports injuries is to stop playing when you feel fatigued and weak.

Fatigue can take away the mechanisms in your body that prevent you from injury in the first place, making it more likely for the player to get injured.