Vermont Urgent Care extends its walk-in clinic service in downtown Los Angeles.

Its unique service is designed for those who wish to avoid the long waits and high costs of an emergency room visit, but who need urgent attention. With a friendly and courteous staff and an inviting atmosphere, our facilities are designed to give our patients a sense of comfort and relief. We understand the anxiety involved with doctor’s visits, thus we try and offer the most peaceful environment possible. Downtown LA Urgent Care

Emergency and Non-emergency Care

Emergency rooms operate on a principle of servicing most severe conditions first. That means that for patients whose condition is not life-threatening, you could end up waiting a very long time before you are seen by a physician. At Downtown Los Angeles Urgent Care, we do not have the same kind of delays. Our Walk-in clinic downtown Los Angeles was specifically designed for patients whose situations are not life-threatening, but who nonetheless still require urgent care and who do not wish to wait for an appointment date

Our Downtown LA Urgent Care facility is staffed by a team of Board Certified Physicians who are specially trained in Emergency Room procedures, which means that they are equipped to handle any medical condition, regardless of the severity. Our knowledgeable staff of physicians is a highly decorated team with years of combined experience which translates into very capable practitioners and an assurance that patients will receive the utmost quality treatment possible.

Downtown LA Urgent Care

At our walk-in clinic in downtown Los Angeles, we offer a comprehensive range of services, and house the latest in medical advances, thus assuring that we can treat whatever medical situation that requires attention. As an added pro-bono benefit, we offer to our patients a seven day follow up visit, without further charge.