Have you been stuck at the ER for hours?  Many of us have. Headache Treatment Los Angeles

When you or a loved one becomes afflicted with a sudden illness or injury that needs immediate attention, sitting in the emergency room lobby for hours on end can be an irksome and anxious experience. If this seems all to familiar to you, you may benefit from visiting an urgent care facility, such as Vermont Urgent Care, rather than an ER.  The next time you need immediate but non-emergency care such as headache treatment, visit Vermont Urgent Care.

Here are 4 reasons to choose urgent care over an emergency room.

1.  Your situation is not life-threatening

If your injury or illness is not a threat to your life, it is probably a better option for you to visit urgent care.  Even though your life may not be in imminent danger, a broken arm is painful and you want a splint on it as soon as possible.  At an ER, other more serious injuries will have priority over your broken arm; therefore, it may take hours to see the next available physician.  At an urgent care facility, your broken arm would be cared for in no time.

2.  Lower cost

Most insurance plans will bill you out of pocket for ER visits for “non-emergency care”.  Urgent care visits are far more likely to be covered by your healthcare plan.

3.  You may b paying for other’s ER visits

Emergency rooms legally cannot deny care to anyone, regardless of their financial status.  Therefore, in order to compensate for treatments they do not get paid for, ER charges more for treatments they do get paid for.  At urgent care, you only pay for your treatment.

 Headache Treatment Los Angeles

4.  More Nurses

In many cases, your condition may only need the care of a nurse.  Nurses are often far and few between at emergency rooms, adding to the waiting time for patients.  Urgent care facilities employ physicians, nurses, and physician’s assistants that are all available your urgent needs.

An emergency room should be used appropriately.  If you are experiencing heavy bleedings, chest pains, etc. you should go to the ER.  But for other less serious injuries, consider a visit to Vermont Urgent Care.