Vermont Urgent Care has the best 3D ultrasound Los Angeles and here is to serve you.


Here is why Vermont Urgent Care has the best 3D ultrasound Los Angeles


Is It Worth It Getting A 3D Ultrasound?

Getting the best 3D ultrasound in Los Angeles is definitely worth it.  When you want the best pictures and the best inside look, you can’t go wrong with getting a 3D ultrasound from Vermont Urgent Care.  Getting 3D imaging is also a great insight for the doctor to see everything going on with your baby and make sure that they are happy and healthy.  The 3D ultrasound is also a great resource for insight on the gender of your baby if you want it to be revealed to you.  


When Should You Go In?

If the only thing that you are worried about is the gender of your child, then you can go in and do a 3D ultrasound as early as 18 weeks.  It is advised not to go in any earlier than 18 weeks in case of inaccuracies from it being too early to tell.  If what you are looking for is really clear 3D pictures, then it is best to go in between 27 weeks and 32 weeks.  This same timing also applies if you are looking for an extremely clear close-up of the baby’s face.  Once you hit the 32-week mark, it will become increasingly difficult as the time rolls by because of the fluid and movement around the baby.


Make Sure To Drink Water

To prepare for your appointment, you should be drinking a lot of water.  This does not mean to drink a bunch of water a couple of days before your appointment, this means to drink a lot of water a couple of weeks before your appointment.  In order to get good pictures, there needs to be a lot of fluid around the baby.  If you put a lot of fluid in your system, then the pictures will be better and you are likely to be more satisfied with the result.  


Get Comfortable

Another thing that will help the pictures to come out better while getting the best 3D ultrasound Los Angeles is to just simply be comfortable.  Try not to be nervous or tense about what is going on and it will make for a better result.