At Vermont Urgent Care, we consider it a privilege to provide the best healthcare to veterans. We are honored to serve veterans who have served our nation and provide them with the highest-quality urgent care. Located in central Los Angeles, Vermont Urgent Care is VA urgent care near me devoted to providing our veterans with the best urgent care. 

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Understanding Veteran Urgent Care

Vermont Urgent Care is tailored to meet veterans’ healthcare needs and is a VA-approved network that meets the VA’s particular standards for treating veterans. Our clinic is fully equipped to provide urgent care for unexpected injuries and illnesses.

Services Offered by va approved urgent care

Vermont Urgent Care offers several urgent care treatments ideal for veterans urgent care near me, including:

  • Immediately treating sprains, cuts, burns and other minor injuries
  • Treating flu, colds and sinus infections
  • Preventive care includes vaccinations and testing to avoid sickness.
  • Help in managing chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes

VA Approved Urgent Care

Being a “VA approved urgent care” means we adhere to the VA’s standards for providing care to veterans through the VA approved urgent care program. This accreditation signifies our commitment to upholding high care standards and meeting VA requirements.

Visit Los Angeles Veterans Urgent Care.

If you are a veteran looking for “VA urgent care near me” or “VA-approved urgent care,” Vermont Urgent Care is a great option. We understand the importance of quality treatment and strive to offer our veterans top-notch medical services. Our VA walk in clinic is always open because we are committed to helping you maintain your health and wellness. If you or a veteran you know needs medical care, don’t hesitate to contact Vermont Urgent Care. Our team stands by to help you with the care you need whenever you need it. Contact Vermont Urgent Care or stop by our clinic today.