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Walk-Ins Welcome (213) 386-2511

Basic Health Reminders For A New Season Transition

During springtime the weather is great, the sun is shining, and the mood is great, until people start getting sick. The transition of cold and wet winters to rising, sunny temperatures cause pollen to release into the air, and enter into all parts of our body such as nasal passages, hair, eye, throat, etc. This [...]

Basic Health Reminders For A New Season Transition2017-04-06T21:56:20+00:00

Flush Away Your Worst Allergy Symptoms

Spring is quickly approaching, flowers are blooming and bees are making their rounds. As excited as you are for warmer weather you are probably sensitive to the allergens that invade the air during these months. Neti pots are great at relieving some of the worst seasonal allergies symptoms. A neti pot is similarly shaped like [...]

Flush Away Your Worst Allergy Symptoms2019-04-15T08:47:58+00:00
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