Spring is quickly approaching, flowers are blooming and bees are making their rounds. As excited as you are for warmer weather you are probably sensitive to the allergens that invade the air during these months. Neti pots are great at relieving some of the worst seasonal allergies symptoms. A neti pot is similarly shaped like a teapot that effectively reduces inflammation, removes dried mucus and sinus maladies. It also rinses the nasal passage of airborne allergens that give you a headache, make you sneeze, and stuffs up your nose.

Rules Of Flushing

It is safe to flush your sinuses, but there are a few rules for you should follow.

  • Avoid tap water – Tap water can contain small amounts of bacteria and protozoa. While they are safe to consume, your nose is the perfect place for them to thrive and can cause infections. If you must use tap water make sure to boil it for 3-5 minutes. Otherwise use sterile or distilled water.
  • Use small grain salt – The salt in your solution is what makes the water saline. Iodized table salt works best but the key is to make sure that the salt is completely dissolved before proceeding.
  • Keep your neti pot clean – After each use wash it with soap and hot water. Let is air dry or use a paper towel to make sure it is completely dry inside.

The Solution

To add moisture and flush out mucus and allergens from the sinuses, dissolve ¼ teaspoon of salt per one cup of warm water. For relief from stuffiness, dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt per one cup of warm water. The extra salt in the solution may sting a little. Be aware that without the sufficient amount of salt in your solution the fluid may enter the nasal membranes. This will cause congestion and swelling.

What To Do Next

It helps to imagine that your sinus cavity is a u-shaped tunnel. One nostril is the entrance and the other is the exit. Pour your solution from the neti pot into the entrance nostril and let it slow through the sinus cavity and out the exit nostril. Angle your head perpendicularly to the floor; pour the solution from the spout into the nostril closest to the ceiling and breath through your open mouth.

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