Located in Los Angeles, Vermont Urgent Care understands the importance of preparing for surgery. A pre-operative examination, also known as a “pre-op exam,” is the most important part of that preparation. Getting pre-op clearance near me can substantially impact the success of your surgery. Here, we’ll explain what a pre op is, what goes into a pre op evaluation, and how Vermont Urgent Care can help.

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What is a Pre-Operation?

A pre-op occurs before surgery and ensures you are in the best physical condition to endure surgery and anesthesia. This checkup identifies potentially harmful scenarios, both during and after surgery. After examining your general health, we can personalize the surgical procedure to your unique requirements.

What does a pre-op involve?

Vermont Urgent Care’s pre-op examination is thorough and patient-centered, ensuring we examine your entire body and health before surgery.

Medical History evaluation: We closely evaluate your medical history during the pre-op assessment, which includes reviewing past operations, chronic diseases, allergies, medicines and family history of surgical complications. 

  • Physical Exam:
    We conduct a thorough physical examination to determine your overall health by monitoring vital indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate and assessing the operation of your organ systems to verify they are healthy.
  • Diagnostic Tests:
    Depending on the patient’s age, operation type and medical history, you may need multiple diagnostic tests. These include blood tests for anemia, infection or coagulation problems; urine tests to rule out kidney problems; and imaging tests like X-rays or ECGs to assess your heart and lung health.
  • Risk Assessment:
    We evaluate the risks of anesthetic and surgical procedures, including heart difficulties, blood disorders, diabetes control and other pertinent health concerns.
  • Consultations:
    We may send you to specialists like cardiologists, endocrinologists, or pulmonologists for additional examination.

  • Clearance and recommendations:
    Our healthcare specialists will issue medical clearance for surgery after consultations. We will also flag any changes you should make if you regularly take medications.

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Preparing for your pre-operative exam at Vermont Urgent Care

When preparing for your pre-op visit at Vermont Urgent Care, bring your past medical documents, a list of current medicines and know your planned procedure. Doing this will allow the medical staff to provide a thorough review targeted to your specific health needs.

Pre-Operation FAQ

The time of pre-op tests varies according to the number of tests necessary and the type of surgery. A pre-op exam typically takes a few minutes to several hours, though we try to keep them as efficient as possible. 

During your pre-op appointment at Vermont Urgent Care, you will be evaluated thoroughly, including a review of your medical history, a physical examination and any diagnostic tests you might need. This consultation is critical for assessing your health and ensuring you are prepared for surgery. Our attentive team will walk you through each stage and answer any questions you have.


We usually recommend scheduling your pre-op checkup 7 to 10 days before operation. This schedule guarantees that we have all of the required information about your health and enough time to address any difficulties during the examinations.


Pre-op blood tests are essential to assessing your surgery readiness. These tests often examine fundamental health indicators such as blood count, renal function, electrolyte levels and blood clotting capacity. They may also look for symptoms of infection or other diseases that might compromise surgical results.


The pre-op checklist is a detailed list that ensures all required preparations are performed before surgery. It includes your medical history paperwork, permission forms, test results, and a list of drugs you are taking. This checklist is essential for both the medical staff and you to ensure that no step is overlooked.


Unless otherwise directed by your doctor, you should avoid taking any drugs that might thin your blood, such as aspirin, in the week coming up to your operation. You should also avoid smoking and consuming alcohol since these might interfere with your recovery.


Two weeks before the procedure, discontinue any herbal supplements and drugs that may interfere with anesthesia or your operation. Review any over-the-counter medicines you are using with your doctor to verify that they are safe to continue.


Contact Vermont Urgent Care for Your Pre-Operation Exam

If you are contemplating surgery and need a pre-op checkup in Los Angeles, contact Vermont Urgent Care. Our trained and caring staff will provide a thorough preoperative assessment, ensuring you are well-prepared for your operation.

Please contact us if you need a pre-operative clearance or want to learn more about our services. We are committed to ensuring your surgery and recovery go as smoothly and safely as possible. Trust us to be a part of your healthcare journey, offering pre-op clearance near me and complete urgent care treatments tailored to your needs.