There are new and exciting weight loss trends that crop up at the beginning of every new year. But, the questions is, are they truly effective? Let’s take a look at the truth behind some of these trends and whether or not they are actually beneficial for your overall health. Our weight loss specialist Los Angeles wants to help you sort through all the fad and fluff.


Many people are turning to juicing to get a quick weight loss. This, however, is not the best solution for losing weight. Drinking juice to cleanse your body can be beneficial for adding in those extra nutrients, but it is better to add healthy solids to your day. Your body needs protein to function properly, so a combination of both is ideal.


This trend is actually pretty beneficial. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that your gut needs to fight off other bacteria. It has been proven that probiotics can actually strengthen your immune system and even reduce inflammation in your digestive tract.

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Reducing Sugar Intake

Many people are jumping on the 10-day sugar detox. This sugar-reducing trend is valuable since many high-sugar diets can cause a number of risks. Not only is sugar bad for your digestive health, but it can also be a part of your emotional health especially for women who are post-menopausal. You don’t need to completely remove sugar, but simply decreasing your intake will make a big impact.

Full-Fat Dairy

Many people have turned down full-fat dairy options and opted for a less “fattening” alternative. The newest trend is actually adding more full-fat options. While this is a relatively new trend and there isn’t much research on this trend, but it’s best to keep your full-fat options to a minimum. Indulging a little is not bad, everything is fine in moderation.

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