Life can get a bit overwhelming with all the need-tos and have-tos that we are bombarded with everyday, making it hard to find easy ways to improve. In case you haven’t heard, or need a little reminder, of how to get your life back on the positive side of things, here’s a short list that will take you 30-minutes or less each day.

Make Lemon In Your Water a Habit

Urgent Care Los AngelesEveryone knows that drinking water throughout the day has numerous benefits, and you may have heard that adding some lemon to that water just enhances those benefits, but have you ever wondered why? Adding lemon to your water adds a type of fiber called pectin that helps with digestion, clears out toxins from you system, adds vitamin C and potassium. If those weren’t enough reasons, adding lemon will keep you feeling full longer.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Remember all those naps you refused to take as a child? Now is your chance to cash in and reap the benefits of a quick power nap.

If you are looking to improve your mood, increase productivity and awareness then you may want to try taking a 30-minute power nap. Studies have shown that these naps can restore hormones and proteins that cause stress and set them back to normal levels, basically resetting your body and helping you power through the rest of your day.


It seems like a daunting chore, but let’s take a moment to list the facts: cleaning reduces stress, saves money, and is a sneaky way to get in a short workout if you don’t have time to get to the gym. Afterwards you are left with a spot free, dust free, smell good home that you can easily relax in.

Find the Humor      

Embrace the cliché; after all laughter IS the best medicine. Not only Urgent Care Los Angelesdoes laughing make you feel great, but also it releases endorphins into your system, which in turn stimulates organs, and improves your mood.

If you’re feeling stressed, try laughing a little, laugh with a friend, laugh at the TV, and laugh at the dog. Laughing is a natural painkiller that reduces the physical symptoms caused by stress. So laugh hard, laugh often and laugh your way to a better life.