There are a lot of similarities between colds and sinus infections and that can be frightening.

Here are some differences between a cold and a sinus infection:

Sinus Infection Symptoms

Here are the symptoms of a sinus infection:

  1. Congestion and stuffy nose
  2. Different colored mucus
  3. Mucus in the back of your throat
  4. Feeling pressure around your face
  5. Cough, fever, and overall fatigue
  6. Loss of taste and smell

sinus infection

Cold Symptoms

Here are the most common symptoms of the common cold:

  1. Congestion and stuffy nose
  2. Runny nose and sneeze
  3. A scratch in your throat

What To Do If You Have A Sinus Infection

The good news about sinus infections is that many of them will go away before you need to start taking antibiotics.  If you do not need antibiotics, then it is best to treat it like a cold.  Take a lot of care of yourself and get some medicine to help you deal with the symptoms.  Drink a lot of water and take warm showers to try to flush all of the mucus out.  It is suggested that you should take Tylenol or Advil to get through the hard symptoms.

sinus infection

What To Do If You Have A Cold

Treating a cold is a lot of the same remedies that you would use to treat a sinus infection.  The most important part of treating a cold or a sinus infection is to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water.  Try not to do a lot of physical activity and just let your body rest.  Take medication if needed and take time to just let your immune system fight it off.

Doctor’s Note

As a rule of thumb, if you feel any of these symptoms, simply stay inside.  If you do need to go out for any reason, wear a mask!  It not only protects you from the virus but it protects others that are around you.  Stay away from crowds and be sure to practice social distancing when leaving the house.  If you think you have the coronavirus, go to your local testing facility and get tested!  

As you can see, there are a lot of similar symptoms between colds and sinus infections. But throwing in a monkey wrench and the most confusing part between the two is that a persistent cold can lead to a sinus infection.  Our doctors suggests that you should wait a little bit over a week before you get concerned about a cold that you have developed in order to let it run its course.