Embrace the feeling of the ground crunching beneath your boots, and the smell the autumn air. All the while, reaping a multitude of health benefits gained by hiking. This weekend, ditch the gym, enjoy the sun and take advantage of one of LA’s captivatingly beautiful hikes.

For the BeginnerUrgent Care Los Angeles

If you’re just getting started on your path to wellness, try a short 1.4 mile hike at Franklin Canyon Park. This scenic hike is located between Beverly Hills and the Valley. There are three main trails to choose from on the 605 acres of unspoiled, naturally beautiful park.

For the Waterfall ChaserUrgent Care Los Angeles

For a more moderate hike with a stunning reward, challenge yourself with 3.4 miles to Copper Canyon Falls. Descend downhill until you reach the falls and enjoy a picturesque view. Hang out for a while and dip your feet in. The hike back is uphill, so take your time and enjoy the full body cardiovascular workout.

For The PhotographerUrgent Care Los Angeles

Point Dume to Paradise Cove consists of 4 miles of magnificent, peaceful, cliffside trails and sandy beaches. There will be no shortage of photo opportunities so bring your camera and make sure to show off your photos and encourage them to come along for the next hike.

Benefit after Benefit of Hiking

If you aren’t wooed by the shear beauty that these hikes have to offer, consider the fact that hiking is an aerobic exercise that comes with a plethora of health benefits, such as: improving your cardio-respiratory fitness, muscular fitness and weight control. It also lowers your risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, and risk of early death. You’ll also be building lean muscle since hiking makes use of every part of your body, such as: arms, hips, legs, butt, shoulders, neck, and core.

Not only are you improving your body but your mind is also benefiting from this activity. Studies have shown that hiking has many mental benefits and can be used as a special kind of therapy that treats depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings of loneliness.

Hiking is the very definition of healthy and happy. Time to say goodbye to the treadmill, grab a friend, get fit and enjoy the adventure.