How to deal with different types of pain

Any type of pain that affects your life can end up interfering with how you live your life.  Sometimes the pain may be due to a disease or injury or it may be from a condition like a migraine headache. Experiencing pain is not uncommon – quite the opposite. There are many people who deal with some type of pain for many weeks or even years.

Headache pain can be very difficult to live with and it affects people of all socioeconomic classes, races and ages.  The types of headaches are vascular, traction, tension and inflammatory. Their treatment may include acupuncture, biofeedback, cognitive behavior therapy, meditation, injection and medication.

Back pain is a very common type of pain that will likely be felt by every person at some point in their lives. Back pain can vary widely in severity and duration – it may be a sudden, sharp pain or it may be a dull pain that lasts for many years. It can affect any place from above the pelvis to the base of the neck. The treatment may include surgery, massage, acupuncture, injections, weight loss, medication and exercise.

The risk of neck pain will increase as you age. It may take place in cases of a degenerative disc disease like osteoarthritis or an acute injury. A car accident may cause people to suffer from neck pain, and it can also be the result of bending over repeatedly, sleeping in an uncomfortable position, an infection, arthritis or a sprain.  It may also be a result of cancer of the spine.

Fibromyalgia is tenderness and widespread pain that is found in different parts of a body. This disease mainly strikes women between the ages of 30 to 60 years.   It may lead to fatigue and it will interfere in the daily activities of a person. The condition is difficult to deal with and it may require multiple types of treatment.  The best therapy in dealing with the fibromyalgia is exercising. There are some FDA approved medicines to treat fibromyalgia along with complementary treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic visits and massage.

Pelvic pain is more common in women, but it may also affect men. The pain may be the result of menstrual pain, endometriosis, or pain during ovulation. The uterine fibroids with injured or weak muscles together with connective tissues at the pelvis are other reasons behind such a problem. The treatment of abdominal pain may include physical therapy, heat, hypnosis and medication.

Stomach pain normally takes place when people eat more than they should eat. The right remedy to prevent this uncomfortable pain is simply to eat less.  There are also other causes of the pain, including irritable bowel syndrome, stomach viruses and food poisoning. The symptoms may include nausea and also vomiting.  The treatment of abdominal pain will be based on the symptoms and the cause. There are a variety of medications available to address the different types of stomach pain.