Vermont Urgent Care Halloween Makeup

It’s Halloween time again and you know what that means: scary monsters, costumes, and lots of fun! Of course, make-up is a big part of any great Halloween costume. It’s an inexpensive way to bring a costume to life, and it’s conveniently sold at pretty much any drug-store or party shop. However, not all Halloween make-up is created equally. Some can even be toxic and harmful. To avoid any Halloween nightmares because of toxic make-up, Vermont Urgent Care would like everyone to follow these safety tips for a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

Cream Compacts/Shadows

Halloween face paints could contain ingredients that are not FDA-approved, which means they potentially could contain any number of possibly harmful additives, such as fluorescent or luminescent dyes. Before fully applying the make-up, you’re advised to perform a patch test on your neck or the underside of your arm to make sure you don’t have any negative reactions. If you see signs of irritation, wash it off immediately and do not continue applying the make-up.


There are specific glues that are safe for skin application. Avoid using common, household adhesives, such as Super Glue, which are toxic and can cause irritation. Look for glues and adhesives that are designated safe for application to the skin, such as those approved for stage or theater use.

Fake Blood

The red dye used in fake blood could cause irritation if it reacts with a petroleum base. Rather than using store bought fake blood, try making your own with corn syrup, flour, and food coloring. It’s an effective non-chemically invasive alternative that looks just as real.

Prosthetic Skin

Higher quality prosthetic skin is less likely to cause skin irritation or inflammation than lower-end prosthetic skin. Look for parts that are designed for theater use instead of something you might find at a Halloween shop.

Colored/Costume Contact Lenses

Contacts are a medical device that require a prescription from your eye doctor. The eye is a very sensitive organ and applying contacts purchased from retail stores could lead to unwanted side effects. Remember to check with your ophthalmologist before using any type of contacts, even if it is used as a prop.

Fake Nails

Application of fake nails could be potentially harmful. For example, the chemicals used to apply acrylic nails include resins and formaldehyde, which are carcinogenic. Repeated use with these chemicals can damage the nail bed, possibly causing the nail to fall off.


Halloween masks and props, especially the ones that are made from rubber and vinyl, could contain lead paint and chemical plasticizers, which can be absorbed through the skin, especially when one begins to sweat, and the pores open up. Similarly, instead of using spray-on hair color that could contain synthetic chemicals, we highly recommend to use wigs.

For further information on how to avoid potentially harmful Halloween make-up, please contact Vermont Urgent Care at: (323) 660-0831