Productivity is a good thing and it is greatly appreciated and recognized by our society. Our urgent care Los Angeles clinic loves productivity! However, when burnout occurs it does not necessarily have to decrease your amount of productivity. Rather than just a feeling of fatigue, burnout is a mental, physical, and emotional state of being that is produced by extreme amounts of stress. So burnout can easily decrease your productivity levels, but it can also make you feel hopeless, resentful, and cynical.

Burnout can be “silent but deadly” and that is the major problem with it. What we’re trying to say is that many people do not address their burn out as long as their productivity levels are not decreasing. You must remember that we’re human beings – not machines. Even if you’re working hard, pleasing your boss, and making a decent living, it may be wise to reduce your workload if it begins to take a toll on your mental and physical health. Now if you’re wondering if you may be burnt out, you’re in luck. We’re going to provide nine unexpected signs that may be linked to burnout.

Happiness is Non-Existent

You may feel as if everything is a chore once burnout begins to settle in. Even the things that used to make you happy will no longer have the same effect because you are lacking so much energy. You may even skip your daily run or refuse to go out with your friends. If you do, you may be extremely particular with your decision because if it does not please you, then it is not worth your time. Our urgent care Los Angeles clinic would not like anyone to have this kind of pessimistic mindset.

Constant Indecision

As we mentioned, reduced productivity may not always arise from burnout. But you may experience a lack of decision-making. See, decision-making demands an alert, awake, and clear mind. Once your energy is exhausted, this is one of the first skills to go. Even if you’re accomplishing a lot at work, simple tasks such as choosing where to eat may seem extremely difficult.


Doubt is something that is directly related to indecision. Once you become indecisive, you may also start to question major aspects of your life. For instance, you may wonder if having a significant other is really right for you, or if your job is the best thing for you. When you combine indecision, doubt, and lack of energy, it can seem like nothing is going your way.

Hard on Others

One thing always leads to another and our urgent care Los Angeles clinic would like to stop burnout in its’ tracks. However, when you begin to question and doubt yourself, you may start to do the same to other people. Combine that with exhaustion and you’re left with little patience to peacefully interact with others.

Can’t Wait for the End

Do you find yourself constantly watching the clock whether you’re at work or a social function? One factor is that you don’t like your job or the people you’re with. The other issue may be that your energy is completely drained. If you have had adequate sleep, but you can barely make it through the day, then you may very well be burnt out.

Getting More Upset than Usual

A weary mind means less control over your thoughts and feelings. So getting frustrated or stressed out over something that usually wouldn’t bother you may be a sign that you’re burnt out.

Small Annoyances Are Terrible

Some people can get so consumed by their work that it begins to define their life. Even if this is the case, it is tough to admit it because people will “lose their identity”. As a result, you may pin the blame of your unhappiness on more tangible things such as traffic or the hot weather.


One of the first significant signs of burnout is the desire to withdraw from social gatherings. It is difficult to feel presentable when you’re extremely tired. Therefore, you would much rather stay in instead of spending time with others.

No Passion

Even if you’re completing tasks and meeting deadlines, your work may lack personal emotion. For instance, you may create a remarkable presentation but not deliver it in an astonishing way. If you can relate, then you may want to address burnout and take some time away from work. It may seem counterintuitive but taking time away from work can actually improve it. Overall, our urgent care Los Angeles clinic would like to remind you that work does not define your life. We’re human beings – not machines.

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