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Walk-Ins Welcome (213) 386-2511

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Quest Diagnostics testing center - Vermont Urget

A Place for Accurate Quest Diagnostics Testing

Vermont Urgent Care Clinic provides accurate and efficient lab tests for Los Angeles patients. Quest Diagnostics is a well-known lab that operates under various levels of healthcare to provide the best of service integrated  Accepting walk-in appointments requires a certain level of efficiency and attention to detail that gives the incoming community a piece of mind. We are a safe space for patients from all walks of life.

Our partnership with Quest Diagnostics guarantees quick and precise results that will satisfy your visit and guarantee your comfort in our offices. This partnership broadens the spectrum of services we are able to provide. Our physicians can operate in good faith that there is a reliable lab at the ready to bring patients the best quality of service that best represents us and is deserving of their time and money.

We accept various forms of insurance. For walk-ins with certain insurance providers, Vermont Urgent Care Center offers free test results for some services ranging from but not limited to strep throat testing, urine analysis, and tuberculosis skin tests. With the help of Quest Diagnostics, a certified, These lab tests are conducted rapidly for your peace of mind as a patient. Our staff cares about your wellbeing and we have connected with the best of partners with amenities that will make your visit to our walk in clinic in Los Angeles as stressless and worry-free as possible.

About Vermont Urgent Care

Vermont Urgent Care is an urgent care clinic in Los Angeles that always aims to sustain a great reputation. This is typically achieved by providing high-quality service to every patient. They have been determined to assist the community for years. They always put their patients’ health above anything and make sure they are being taken care of. Vermont Urgent Care, one of the best urgent care clinics in Los Angeles, provides reasonable pricing and works with patients for payment plans.

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