Is an appointment necessary?

Although calling to make an appointment or making an appointment through our website is helpful, it is not necessary. Walk-ins are welcome.

What type of insurance do you accept?

We accept almost all types of insurance, including HMO (some restrictions may apply), and PPO.

What is the typical wait time at Vermont Urgent Care?

Unlike the ER, which can take four hours or more, wait time at Vermont Urgent care is much shorter. Average wait time is around 10-20 minutes.

What do I need to bring with me for my visit to Vermont Urgent Care?

If this is your first time visiting our facilities make sure you bring a government issued photo ID and up-to-date medical insurance card. Also, bring with you a list of medications that you are taking as well as any pertinent information (eg. lab results, imagining studies) for any ongoing medical conditions you are being treated for.

When is it okay to go to Urgent Care and when is it necessary to go to the Emergency Room?

If you do not require immediate medical attention then it is better to visit an urgent care facility due to the fact that urgent cares have shorter wait times and are more cost effective. If you are having trouble determining if you need immediate attention and require a visit to the ER see the list below:

-Major Trauma


-Electrical Shock

-Altered mental status




-Moderate to Severe Chest Pain

-Pregnancy Related Problems

-Or anything that is life threatening

IF you are experiencing any of these go to the emergency room.

When should I visit urgent care over my primary care doctor?

You may want to consider Vermont Urgent Care if you primary care physician is not available when needed.

Is Urgent Care less expensive than the Emergency Room??

Urgent care can be up to a third of the price of an Emergency Room.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Vermont Urgent Care is here to help you with all your medical needs; if you do not have insurance we accept cash and all major credit cards.