weight loss methods los angeles

Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Lap Band:

The Lap-Band is used with a minimally invasive surgery. The purpose of the Lap-Band is to minimize the size of the patient’s stomach capacity, which allows the patient to get fuller with less food. Patients over time will gradually lose weight and the Lap-Band will help them to maintain the weight loss.

Lap-Band is recommended for patients who:

  • have BMI of 40 or higher
  • are 18 years or older
  • are not pregnant
  • don’t regularly consume alcohol
  • don’t suffer from other health conditions that cause weight gain
  • if other methods of weight loss have been ineffective

Gastric Sleeve:

The gastric sleeve is applied during surgery. With the gastric sleeve a portion of the stomach is removed which makes the stomach smaller and makes the patient eat less food;

After surgery, some patients may feel discomfort in the stomach area and are typically recommended pain medications. Though patients tend to heal faster than traditional surgery they need to consume mostly liquids and soft foods for a few days.

Gastric Bypass:

A gastric bypass is when the small intestines and stomach are altered to change the way that they deal with food. The stomach is made smaller so that the patient is able to eat less food and feel full quicker. Overall, the purpose of this type of weight loss system is to prevent the patient’s stomach from consuming all of the calories that they eat.

Non-surgical Weight Loss Methods Los Angeles

Vitamin B12:

This vitamin is present in many foods that we eat daily; for instance, breakfast cereals, meat, and many dairy products. With a deficiency of vitamin B12 over a long period of time your body feels fatigued and has noticeably less energy; with vitamin B12 your body feels energized and it helps with cognition and nerve function. Vitamin B12 can be taken in pill form


Proper nutrition is very important for all people and is part of a lifestyle that must be maintained throughout life in order to remain healthy. Eating foods that are less processed positively affects your physique and your internal health.


A type of stimulant drug with a pharmacological makeup similar to amphetamines. It is used as an appetite suppressant an is FDA approved. The stimulant can come in many brand forms and can be a pill, tablet or drink.

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