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Over 30? Trouble Maintaining A Healthy Weight?

As you get older, your metabolism naturally slows down and you need to make a few lifestyle changes to keep up with your body. Not making changes can lead to a weight gain of 5 pounds each year. Since everyone is different, our weight loss specialist Los Angeles finds it important that you calculate your specific […]

Nutrition Trends for 2018

There are new and exciting weight loss trends that crop up at the beginning of every new year. But, the questions is, are they truly effective? Let’s take a look at the truth behind some of these trends and whether or not they are actually beneficial for your overall health. Our weight loss specialist Los Angeles wants […]

Flu Shots: Myth vs. Facts

Once the weather starts to cool and the sun sets sooner and sooner, you start to realize that flu season is right around the corner. That thought is usually quickly followed by whether or not you should get a flu shot. If you ask the medical community that gives the flu shot Los Angeles, you’ll […]

8 Simple Flu Facts That Might Just Keep You Healthy This Season

Fall has finally come, and with it, pumpkin-spiced lattes, colder weather and of course a cough and sniffle to remind you that the flu seasons is right around the corner. This being said, this Los Angeles Urgent Care center spent all summer getting ready to help you get through this flu season with un-clogged sinuses and […]

Battle Hangovers With IV Hydration

Hydration is a concept that goes quite a bit deeper than simply drinking water so that you aren’t thirsty. Proper hydration is essential to everyone, but even more so to those leading active lifestyles or battling a dreaded hangover. Battling dehydration and those awful hangovers with IV Vitamin Drip Therapy Los Angeles is the wisest […]

9 Signs of Burnout, Even if You Don’t Expect it

Productivity is a good thing and it is greatly appreciated and recognized by our society. Our urgent care Los Angeles clinic loves productivity! However, when burnout occurs it does not necessarily have to decrease your amount of productivity. Rather than just a feeling of fatigue, burnout is a mental, physical, and emotional state of being […]

5 Ways to Prevent & Evaluate Heart Disease Risk

Research has shown that nearly 33% of women who are 20+ years old suffer from hypertension. Hypertension is a primary symptom leading to heart disease. We’ve presented this statistic to you because it is often overlooked. However, women are actually more prone to die from heart disease than from cancer. Therefore, if you understand how […]

Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Nearly 20 million adults contract a sexually transmitted disease in the United States, every year. Your first defense against STDs is sexual health education. The next is to practice safe sex and to get free STD testing Los Angeles. Here is a list the most common STDs today.
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
There are more than 41,000 […]

STDs: What You Need To Know

If you are sexually active you should get screened for STDs – how often, and which tests will depend on your own personal habits. STD detection is important and fortunately, most STDs are curable and/or treatable. Use this information to educate yourself about STDs and drop into our urgent care Los Angeles facility to get […]

Basic Health Reminders For A New Season Transition

During springtime the weather is great, the sun is shining, and the mood is great, until people start getting sick. The transition of cold and wet winters to rising, sunny temperatures cause pollen to release into the air, and enter into all parts of our body such as nasal passages, hair, eye, throat, etc. This […]